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Improving Senior Care Outcomes by Creating Senior Fitness Program

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These online courses are perfect for physical therapists, personal trainers, group fitness instructors, strength and conditioning coaches, and anyone involved in the fitness industry seeking to specialize in serving the aging population.

Whether you are just starting your career or have years of experience, these online courses provide valuable insights and practical strategies to enhance your expertise in working with older clients.

Online Courses

of the Knee
Advanced Rehab & Training
Osteoarthritis of the Knee: Advanced Rehab & Training Methods

GrandMastersRX is a Florida Physical Therapy Association approved provider of professional development. This online seminar, FPTA approval number CE24-1155398 is offered at 3.0 CEUs. Check your state’s licensure requirements.

Advanced Rehab & Training Methods
Osteoporosis: Advanced Rehab & Training Methods

Coming soon

Growing Old,
Staying Young
Growing Old,
Staying Young

Coming soon

Developing a
Group Functional
Program for Seniors
Developing a Group Functional Fitness Program for Seniors
Coming soon
Total Knee
Advanced Rehab and
Training Methods
Total Knee Replacement: Advanced Rehab and Training Methods

Coming soon

Total Hip
Advanced Rehab and
Training Methods
Total Hip Replacement: Advanced Rehab and Training Methods

Coming soon

Treating Seniors Can Be Difficult

Rehab and fitness professionals often face challenges when working with older individuals due to their unique needs. Aging brings physical changes like reduced muscle mass, flexibility, and balance. Chronic health conditions are also more common, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, or diabetes.

Understanding common age-related conditions and effective communication is crucial.

Rehab and fitness professionals need specialized training to care for seniors sensitively and productively.

Everyone Deserves the Best Possible Care.

Rather than struggling in a saturated industry, position yourself as a trusted provider of senior health services. Join us in redefining “aging” one senior at a time, and let’s build a legacy of multigenerational health together.

We understand the impact professionals have on their seniors’ lives. We’re here to empower you with tools, knowledge, and support.

Providing the best care possible will transform lives and create an environment where seniors feel valued, motivated, and supported.

We believe in your potential and are committed to supporting your career. Let’s positively impact seniors’ lives and elevate the fitness and rehab industries together.

GrandMastersRX Online Courses Will Give You:

We Can Help You Transform Lives

Meet Ed and Sam Farina

With over 70 years of combined experience in physical therapy and rehabilitation practices and owning a successful CrossFit Gym with a large senior program for over a decade, Ed and Sam Farina have helped thousands recover from various injuries. They hold numerous certifications and can guide you in developing programs that will transform your clients’ lives, attract more revenue, and build a loyal customer base.

Education and Experience Matter:

With GrandMastersRX Online Courses, You’ll Be Able To…

Gain a deep understanding of working with older adults to provide the best possible care.


Develop personalized programs tailored to older clients’ unique needs and goals.

Custom Plans

Boost confidence in delivering effective and engaging care plans and programs for seniors.


Receive continuing education credit hours for professional growth.

Continuing Education

Enhance credibility within the industry as an expert in working with older adults.

Enhanced Credibility

Join a supportive network of like-minded professionals for ongoing support and mentorship.

Professional Network

Explore collaboration and partnership opportunities with professionals focused on aging populations.

Collaborate & Partner

Stay updated with the latest resources, research, and trends in senior health, rehabilitation, and fitness.

Competitive Advantage

Seize this Opportunity to Become an Expert

Don’t miss out on these growth opportunities for your career. Failing to tap into the thriving market of older customers will limit your potential clientele expansion, new revenue streams, and redefining yourself as an industry leader. Moreover, disregarding the unique needs of seniors and neglecting to provide specialized training and support diminishes your ability to make a meaningful impact on their health, well-being, and quality of life. Don’t let these missed opportunities hinder your success and the positive difference you can make.

Embrace senior health and fitness and unlock the full potential of serving the “Grand-Masters”.

Supercharge Your Career with GrandMastersRX!


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Select one of our comprehensive online courses on senior rehabilitation and fitness that best fits your goals.



Access the course, study the content, and develop your skill.



Interact with professionals, gain insights, and unlock opportunities.

Enroll today and embrace the power of continuous learning in senior rehabilitation and fitness.

Grow Your Expertise and Career

At GrandMastersRX, we believe continuous learning and specialization are crucial to success in the ever-changing field of geriatric rehabilitation and fitness. Not taking our online courses may present you with challenges in delivering exceptional care, missed business opportunities, limited professional growth, and isolation from a supportive community. Don’t let these limitations hinder your potential; invest in your career by joining our online courses.

As a team, a sincere LOVE for our work, clients, and colleagues fuels our tireless efforts to help seniors achieve a better quality of life in their Golden Years.


By sharing our profound insights and educating like-minded health and fitness professionals, we aim to create a legacy that redefines aging and inspires future generations to live longer healthier lives.



– Sam & Ed
GrandMastersRX Founders

Improving Senior Care Outcomes by Creating Functional Care Plans

Learn to create exciting care plans for seniors and get better outcomes! Fewer quad sets and ankle pumps and more squats, deadlifts, and functional balance work.